As a professional athlete, more than half my income now comes from product endorsements. As a result, I need to not just play great….I need to look my best and look natural.Shei-Ko is the first thing that goes in my travel bag.

Mary Ann K.

Miami, FL

I had beautiful skin through my teens and twenties, but after my first child my face got blotchy and red. After trying dozens of products, my dermatologist recommended Shei-Ko. It has changed my life. My teenage skin is back, and I’m ready to have a second child.

Amy M.

Burlington, VT

My eighteen year old daughter started using my SheiKo mineral powder foundation and eye shadows for her cheerleading practices. Soon, her entire squad was "borrowing” my make-up for competitions. Now, most of the girls in her senior class have made the move. We love your product!

Vivian McD

Irving, TX

With the entertainment industry’s move to HD and Blue Ray, the demands on me as a professional make-up artist are tougher than ever. Shei-Ko is my life line….even during the tightest shots under the brightest lights, SheiKo never gives
itself away.

Dominique L.

Los Angeles, CA

The wedding photography business is super-competitive, and picture editing takes up an enormous amount of time. My edge….I make-up my brides with Shei-Ko. Their
natural mineral foundations give me full coverage for redness, dark circles and blotchy skin without using heavy,sticky concealers that saves me hours of editing time. Now f I can just keep the bride’s maids from stealing it!

Savannah P.

San Diego, CA

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