Studio Professional Brush Kit




A Must-Have!

You can never have too many brushes. Fifteen professional makeup brushes in one kit. Used by studio professional makeup artist in film and television to the casual makeup user.

Brushes from right to left are:

1-Medium Powder ( Soft Natural Hair )

2-Blush ( Natural Hair )

3-Foundation Brush ( Nylon )

4-Concealer Brush ( Nylon )

5-Contour Brush ( Natural Hair – Only Sold in the Kit )

6-Chisel Crease Brush (Natural Hair)

7-Large Angle Crease Brush ( Natural Hair )

All Fluffs are Natural Hair

8-Mini Fluff

9-Small Fluff

10-Medium Fluff

11-Large Fluff

12-Brow and Lash Wand ( Nylon – Only Sold in the Kit )

13-Angle Detailer Brush ( Nylon )

14-Eyeliner Brush ( Imitation Sable )

15-Lip Brush ( Imitation Sable – Only Sold in the Kit )


1 – Medium Powder Brush: Full soft brush for flawless makeup application of loose or pressed powder.

2 – Blush Brush: Provides the ideal soft, round stroke needed for applying blush, highlighting or shading in loose or pressed powders!

3 – Foundation Brush: Nylon brush for precise creme, liquid or stick foundation application. Great for the precise application of powders for dramatic color, contour or shading.

4 – Concealer Brush: Fantastic for quick touch ups and for applying concealers and spot treatments.


5 – Contour Brush ( Only Sold in Kit ): Rounded Chisel Tip Contouring Brush in the perfect size for defining, shaping and blending eye color.

6 – Chisel Crease Brush: The perfect makeup tool for creating dramatic, smoky sexy eyes.

7 – Large Angle Crease Brush: The perfect multi task brush . Used to create a smoky eye crease. Also used for shading and highlighting different areas of the face such as the cheek and brow bones. The perfect size for small powder touch ups and dusting on setting powder over under eye concealers.

8 – Mini Fluff Brush: Perfect for brow highlighting and applying brow color. Can be used to create a dramatic smoky eye liner. Other applications include applying and blending color in small areas around the eye, or applying very small amounts of concealer for touch ups.

9 – Small Fluff Brush: Great eye makeup brush. Used for applying and blending color to the lid, crease and brow.

10 – Medium Fluff Brush: Used to apply more color with one stroke. Can be used on the entire eye area. This is also a versatile brush and can be used for shading and contouring.

11 – Large Fluff Brush: Eye color brush. Great for blending eye color or applying eye shadow base.

12 – Brow and Lash Wand (Only Sold in the Kit ): Great for brushing brows and blending brow color or seperating lashes after mascara.

13 – Angle Detailer Brush: Specially made to create fine to very fine angles and eye lines very close to the lash line. Great for applying brow color as well.

14 – Eye Liner Brush: This eye liner brush creates a slightly thicker eye line with it thicker tip than the Angle Detailer brush. The Eye Liner Brush is great for a more dramatic line.


15 – Lip Brush ( Only Sold in the Kit ):Used to apply creme lipsticks and lip gloss. Use over lip liner for a defined look or simply apply lipsticks and glosses lightly without liner for a more natural look.

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