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Skin Care: The basics before makeup




Sleep in your makeup?

Never sleep with your makeup on, just ask a dermatologist and they will most likely agree. Sleeping in makeup is just not healthy for your skin.  Before going to sleep it’s best to cleanse your face to remove makeup and dirt. Next, use a toner to clean off excess cleanser and then moisturize.

Choosing the right products for your skin is a great place to start. If you would like to improve your skin care you may want to consult with a skin care specialist or dermatologist to find out your specific skin care needs.  You may be surprised at what you might find out about your skin and it’s unique needs.

Sun Exposure

How well you care for your skin and protect it from the sun is very important.  Sun exposure is the leading cause of premature aging. As a professional makeup artist I always recommend applying sunscreen right after the moisturizer.

Even if the foundation your using says it has sun screen in it. You never know how much coverage you will get because it’s based on how much you apply. We don’t claim an SPF factor with Shei-Ko’s foundations even though there is some natural sun protection qualities associated with the zinc and titanium mineral ingredients in our foundation. These are two common ingredients in mineral foundations.

So just to be on the safe side I always recommend wearing sunscreen under your makeup.  In mid 2012 the FDA may not allow cosmetic companies to claim mineral foundations have SPF unless they have scientific data to show it does.

Preparing Your Face For Makeup

Simple, once you have the right products for your particular skin care you are ready to prepare your face for makeup. Professionals call this CTM.  Cleanse, Tone and Moisturize.   This is very important because it will make your skin smoother and more moist.  Don’t forget to apply sunscreen if your makeup is for the daytime.

Some helpful tips- If your using clothes to clean your skin, try soft white cotton clothes that can be cleaned with bleach when necessary. This way you’ll know if your cloth is clean.  I keep a huge stack in my closet and only use them on my face.

Use warm water when rinsing off cleansers and finish the final rinse with cool water.  Never rub your skin always pat dry with a soft cloth.

Apply your moisturizer and wait a minute or two for it to set in.  If your skin is still dry feeling apply a little more or if your sunscreen has moisturizer in it go ahead and apply the sunscreen.

Wait a minute to let your skin absorb the sunscreen. Blot if necessary.  You want your face to be moist but not oily.

We can provide the right mineral makeup for you!

Now you are ready for makeup.  See Part Two of the Best Makeup for 60 Year Old Women.


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